May 25, 2024

3 thoughts on “The Texas Trip Flea Market Adventure

    1. It’s going fine here Cindy. It was raining buckets when we arrived, but it’s all sunshine now. No there is no flooding here. It’s barely even wet outside now.
      Glad you finally stopped by the site to check it out and leave a comment. It took us a long time to get back, but it was not expensive to do so and we met another nice couple that also like to do the Space A travel. He is a retired Marine. They live in Guam and we had to help each other quite a bit on this journey to make it through.

  1. Interesting that you went the Flea market route to sell your stuff. My ex- and I made quite a living in the flea market world over the last few years. She still does it. 10 figures, tax free, for roughly 6 months out of the year selling basically junk. If you have the patience and the temeperment it’s a good way to supplement your income. Now that you’re back in Calbayog you probably look forward to a little R&R compared to your ‘vacation’, lol.

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