January 30, 2023

4 thoughts on “Journey to the Unknown – 7

    1. No, not really. They only give it out to a few locations. However it usually ends up being posted in our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClarkSpaceA/. The current schedule is there now and there has been 1 flight to Guam already this month.
      I just found that if you sign up here: rao_ac@ymail.com – they will send the schedule and other RAO updates to your e-mail. I found that on this page: https://1925mcarthur.wixsite.com/raoangeles under “Space A Sign Up Procedures at Clark”.

  1. I’ve been following your trip back to Texas. Glad you got to the states without to many delays hope your trip back to pi. Went as good.
    How often do flights leave Clark going to Guam ?

    1. There is really no set schedule. I’ve seen between 0 and 3 flights on any given month. You just need to follow the schedule to see. Although the schedule also changes, so it’s all a big crap shoot anyway.

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