June 5, 2023

Expat Websites Plus

Texan in the Philippines

Texan in the Philippines Facebook

UJ Space-A HOPS (Spreely)

UJ Space-A Info Group (Information in and around every Space-A location in the world)
—-UJ Space-A Info Group Facebook
—-UJ Space-A Info Page
Send Money to the Philippines Online (Best companies to move your money from abroad to the Philippines)
UJ Leftover (Jokes, Riddles and Miscellaneous stuff)  
UJ Stories and Poems (Original Poems and Stories by myself or by others I know) 
Texan in the Philippines Expats Blog
Texan in the Philippines Internations.org Expat blogs
Expat Interviews with John Jackson (Texan in the Philippines)
Texan in the Philippines Expat Blog
Calbayog Expats Facebook Group (For expats living in or thinking of moving to Calbayog City Samar) 
Space-A Travelers of the USA (Space-A Facebook forum that I am heavily involved in and an Admin for)
UJ Space-A House Swap (A place for people traveling Space-A to swap/rent houses/cars while traveling)
UJ Space-A Traveling Club (For members to collaborate with each other to travel together)
UJ Space-A Pacific Space-A Page (Space-A military bases in the Pacific Ocean and Facebook pages about the area)
UJ Space-A Alaska & Pacific Time Zone Space-A Page (Space-A military bases in Alaska & US Pacific Time Zone with Facebook pages)
UJ Space-A Mountain Time Zone Space-A Page (Space-A military bases in the US Mountain Time Zone with Facebook pages)

UJ Space-A Central Time Zone Space-A Page  (Space-A military bases in the US Central Time Zone with Facebook pages)


Living in the Pacific (YouTube) (Randy Landis)
PhilFAQs (Dave Starr)   
    PhilFAQs Facebook
    PhilFAQs Facebook pages
Philippines or Bust (Rich Pawly) 
    Philippines or Bust Expat Blog 
Philippines Plus (Dave DeWall)
Married A Filipina (Dave & Janet)

Calbayog People, Events and Places (Ronald Ricafort)

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