June 25, 2024

6 thoughts on “Texas Trip After Day 6

  1. Sounds like you did most of what you wanted to. Looking forward to some new posts. The wife took an apartment in Bgy. Capo-ocan. I haven’t seen it yet but she’s happy and isn’t that really all that matters? I’ll send her over to visit the bakery when your up and running.

    1. Actually I think we got everything done we wanted to do. I hope to be able to put something new on the site everyday. Yesterday I added at least 25 more pictures to the Filipino Family Photos so y’all might want to check those out. I uploaded the pictures from the Texas trip to the computer yesterday also. Those will all be in future posts.
      The bakery is up and running now. Actually there are 2 of them. I haven’t been to the 2nd one yet so I don’t know it’s exact location. The small eatery is operational also and we hope to have the restaurant by year’s end, but I’ve said that before. I’m hoping for better results on that restaurant than last time.

        1. The 2nd one I am unsure of the exact location at this time, but I believe it is in barangay Rawis, which is between us and downtown.
          The 1st one IS still across from the Ciriaco.

  2. You never thought about an Auction house picking up all your stuff selling it and then they send you a check? It might have cost you some commission but nothing out of hand.

    1. No Rick that never crossed my mind. We had a lot of little things and some of it was just junk really. Well it was junk to us, but some of it sold. In the end we did pretty good although it was a lot of trouble. We didn’t sell it all, but those details will be within some posts coming up soon.

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