Saturday – 6 Aug 2011


[smartads] Caraga is the newest region of the Philippines, also designated as Region XIII. It is comprises four provinces, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur.

Useless Knowledge:  Because of a football’s resemblance to an olive, albeit a very large one, the Chinese often call the American game of football “olive ball.’


5 Aug – Hits @ 0120 = 832336 = 9276.

Maganda Umaga y’all.  I was up and around sometime before 0700.  I’m not sure of the exact time because I was in a hurry to get up.  No, not because of the CR problem, like before.  That’s done with now.  I was in a hurry to talk with Mar on the phone because we have a potential customer for the MJ Tourist Service (MJTS).  I want to stay on top of that in case it goes through.  The lady kind of threw us a curve ball because the place she wants to see is not one of our packaged deals, but we’re going to help her out, if she still wants.  After I get some information from her, we will dig deep and give her what she wants.  This will turn out to be good for us too.  I can explain now except I didn’t find out until the 6th and I’ve already put that information in the notes for tomorrow’s post.  You will have to read it then.

Pearl Farm

We’ve got our 144th new viewing country.  It’s Paraguay. Only 111 more countries to go.

Lita stuck me out at the store again.  Precious came out to keep me company again.  I let her throw the dice around and I noticed that if I would of had her in Vegas playing Craps, we’d be winning.  She was so happy playing with the dice, but after awhile she decided that she wanted to play with the calculator and I wouldn’t let her.  She threw a fit.  That’s cool, I can handle that, I’ve got 7 grandsons.  Then she decided that she wanted to hit me with her shoe.  I’m not cool with that.  I gave her a little thump with my finger on her arm.  It wasn’t much of a thump at that, but it’s just the action that counts in cases like this.  When she acted like she wanted to hit me with the shoe again, I put my finger in the thumping position and she hesitated.  It did take 3 thumps, but she quit the shoe hitting.  She left crying, but about 2 minutes later she was back and all smiles again.

Later on I received another visit from her, but his time she came to buy candy.  She knows she need to pay for the candy, she can’t just get it for free, so she brought P2 with her.  That’s enough for 2 candies.  Well she tried to take 3, but I caught her.  I told her, “Only 2 baby”.  I’m not sure what she said next, but I think she was trying to convince me she only had 2 pieces, but I could see she had 3 of them in her hand.  I opened the jar back up and told her she had to put one back, only 2.  She did put it back without a fuss, so I guess it was just an honest mistake from a 2 year old.  She might be able to count, but maybe when it comes to extra candy, her counting ability is diminished.

I think I use the word “though” too much.  I’m going to make an attempt to limit the number of times I use it.  It is going to be hard to remember though.

Tinuy-an Falls

The people at the Ciriaco are now putting up Entrance and Exit signs.  They are on the opposite ends of what I said they were doing yesterday.  The “Entrance” is the first turn for the hotel coming in from downtown.  The “Exit” is the next turn, the only other one going to the hotel into their small parking lot.  I guess they want you to back into the parking spaces because from that direction you’d have to, to be in the parking space correctly.

I’m getting another revelation in my head about a food experiment.  Since I require separate food than everyone else, Lita worries  if I’ll have something to eat sometimes.  I tell her to just be sure we have potatoes, and I’ll be good.  Of course I do prefer more than potatoes, but as long as there are potatoes, I won’t starve.

It’s 10:40 now and Lita wandered outside.  All the food they make for the morning is almost gone.  They may have do the the next batch, the banana things, early today.

Two of my favorite Filipino nieces showed up, Juvic and Grace.  They didn’t come to see me, but as long as they acknowledge that I’m here, preferably by Mano, then I’m okay with them not coming to see me exclusively.  I know that teenage girls don’t think me, all the time.  Especially the ones that I’ve known for about 11 years.  I told them that I put their names in the blog today, so in case y’all are reading this, I love you Juvic and Grace.  Also, Grace, don’t forget my camera that you borrowed.  I download the newest pictures on the camera before I let Grace borrow it.  They are not great pictures, but they are new ones.  Oh, and Grace, don’t forget to leave any pictures of sexy ‘women’ on the camera so I can uh, so I can uh … just leave the pictures on the camera please.  I’ll think of a reason why later.

I just finished doing my 2nd and 3rd “Pepsi in a baggie”.  It’s not so hard, just strange at first.

Augustine Cathedral

It’s 11:25 now and Victor and his 2 daughters just left.  Grace was borrowing something from Neneng.  I believe Grace is going to the same party that J is going to tonight.  It’s called an ‘Acquaintance Party’.  I think this is for the beginning of the school year to get everyone ‘acquainted’ with everyone else.  It’s a good idea and also a reason to have a party, which is usually a good thing.

Lita is back from downtown.  It’s 12:12pm.

Our local looney was on the Ciriaco property acting weird and Security ran him off, finally, but not before he gave them a piece of what’s left of his mind.

Useless Knowledge:  It was recently reported that the technology contained in a single Game Boy unit in 2000 exceeded all the computer power that was used to put the first man on the Moon.

It’s 2:48pm now.  I was back in the house for a couple of hours, but now I’m back at the store.  I did eat before I came back out.  Today for my experimental meal not only did I fry the potatoes, but I fried the carrots also.  Plus, since there is no more ketchup, I used mustard instead.  Of course I also had fried onions with all that too.  Okay so which is stranger, the fried carrots or the mustard?  Well, surprisingly, it was so bad.  Next time I will slice the carrots a little thinner.  Yeah you heard that right, next time.  It was just interesting enough to give it another chance.

It’s pretty boring out here right now, except for the 3 young ladies talking loudly right outside the store.  Actually I think only 2 of them are talking, one of them excessively.

I’m taking a short break from reading my book.  I can’t read hours upon hours at a time like I use to be able to do.  I have been known to go about 3 hours these days before taking a break thou… oops!

It’s 4:32pm now and this is the first I’ve seen of Fay all day.  She must  have decided to go to school today and went to her Lola’s (Grandma)(Ludy)house afterwards.

There were 3 young fellas passing by the store, but they didn’t notice me at all.  I figure it’s because there was a nice looking young lady exiting a tricycle across the street in front of the Ciriaco, and all their heads were turned that way.  The only reason why I noticed them was because they walked into my view.

It’s 5:33pm now.  Lita says she will come out to LolyKat at 6:30pm to take over watching it.  I won’t let her forget.  I want to kill some terrorists and/or zombies after I check for messages on my MJTS e-mail.  That is priority at this time.   It should be my priority everyday, so I’ll try to remember to remind myself to check it several times per day.  I don’t want to miss an opportunity there.

It’s 6:23pm now and it’s starting to rain.  I smelled it coming, even though it’s hard to smell rain coming when you live right across the street from the ocean.  The wind is picking up too.  Sally is worried about a typhoon, so I’m going to go check to see if one is on the way.  I don’t believe so, but I’ll check.  It’s close enough to 6:30pm anyway.

Well no typhoons and no messages for MJ Services.  Notice how I keep sliding that MJ Services (MJTS) in there so it will have a better chance of receiving a hit when someone does a search on services or MJ?

Useless Knowledge:  Jay Silverheels was Tonto on TV’s The Lone Ranger. After the series concluded, he became a successful horse breeder and racer. When asked if he would ever consider racing Scout, Tonto’s famous horse, Silverheels replied, “Heck, even I can beat Scout!”

(There are some super nice pictures at this website)

That will be all for this post.

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


President Manuel Roxas, who campaigned for Parity Rights,
w/ American Clark Air Base Officials

1946 – The Congress of the Philippines ratifies the Treaty of General Relations entered into by and between the Republic of the Philippines and its former colonizer, the United States, on July 4, 1946; the Treaty is crafted in such a way that it makes room for arrangements that allow continued imperialist American military, political and economic hold on the Southeast Asian archipelago, as  to be expressed in the 1947 Parity Amendment to the 1935 Constitution giving US citizens equal rights with the Filipinos in the exploitation of Philippine natural resources, and the 1947 Military Bases and Military Assistance pacts that give allowed U.S. access to 22 military, naval, and air bases in the Philippines which were to be superseded by the Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement and the Mutual Defense Treaty.

2 thoughts on “Saturday – 6 Aug 2011

  1. Maganda umaga UJ,

    This particular region XIII, which has those famous surfing spots at Surigao del Sur is one of many destinations to explore once I get there. Thank you for the colorful websites. Using Google Earth, I believe I have zeroed in on your approx location (across the street from Ciriaco Resort). Only walking distance from the ocean would be a perfect retirement for me. Any large body of water are my favorite playgrounds, since I’m into Hobie Cats and windsurfing. Regarding Jay Silverheels (Tonto), here is a joke for you:

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their tent all set up, both men fell sound asleep. Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says, “Kemo Sabe, look towards the sky, what do you see?” The Lone Ranger replies, “I see millions of stars.”

    “What does that tell you?” asked Tonto. The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says, “Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning. Theologically, the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What’s it tell you, Tonto?

    You dumber than buffalo chit. It means someone stole the tent!

    Have a good one my friend — Jake

    1. Yeah right across the street from the Ciriaco Hotel and Resort. If you found it on Google Earth, then you can search better than me. Unless they have updated it recently, I had a hard time with it.
      Oh yeah, we are within walking distance, it’s takes like 1 minute to walk there.
      Well it looks like we will can have a tour set up for that Surigao del Sur in about a week, if you care to give it a sample try. That is where the lady that contacted us said she wanted to go, but after the 2nd e-mail, I haven’t heard anything. I think she will contact me just as soon as she gets all the information I needed though.
      Nice joke. I can’t tell anyone that here, they don’t understand. They most likely will be nice, and laugh a little, but they won’t get it.

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