April 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Finally Another Post

  1. Love post. I still live in Texas. I was going to get a retirement visa for PI/ But, they suspended it. 🙁
    I want to come and live there. What’s some great cities?

    Thank you


    1. You want to live in one of the big cities or smaller one? Personally I like our area because there are no volcanoes and we rarely get any big typhoons. We do have a problem with water pressure but that can be solved by getting your own tank, which I think I will end up doing next month or May at the latest. It’s an up and coming city. Still has some of the small town flair, but there is a mall and a large supermarket also. The airport is being rebuilt to become an international airport. If you have not been to the PI then I suggest that you at least come visit a couple of times to get used to the area you decide to retire to. Right now all visitor visas are suspended. As for the larger cities the only one I would NOT recommend is Manila. It’s a dirty, nasty city. Cebu & Davao are nicer large cities. I think you owe it to yourself to at least check out our city, Calbayog City, on the island of Samar. There is no Texas BBQ here, yet, but we are starting to get Tex-Mex and I’m working on the BBQ. Where in Texas do you live? I’m from Belton, just south of Temple and east of Fort Hood.

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