April 12, 2024

4 thoughts on “Sad But Hopeful

  1. Hi UJ- I used to watch your video which mostly featured places in Calbayog. I will 2nd the motion for you to become a youtube creator since it is now the new entertainment in the pandemic. I keep my fingers cross that Covid-19 will be over soon so I can visit my hometown there in PH. It’s been a decade since my last visit. Are you and Lita is still using the Balikbayan visa? Must you two exit once a year in the pandemic? Take care, UJ please send my regards to Lita. Blessings to you…

    1. We actually have been getting extensions instead of leaving the country. They recently said we can stay more than the 3 year limit without leaving but I think we may have to travel to Tacloban to get that done. I’ll find out next week when I visit Immigration to get another extension. We are still within the 3 year limit, but it’s getting closer. Please COVID, go away.

  2. Are you planning to start a You Tube Channel? I am planning to retire to the Philippines before my retirement age for Social Security. In the meantime I plan to use money from the sale of my house. And once I turn 67 to apply for my SS benefits.

    1. I keep wanting to do a YouTube channel but I don’t know if I would devote enough time to it. Your plan seems like a good one especially if your email address is any indication. A 65 year old Pinay? Where in the PI do you think you will retire?

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