May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Zine Entry #61- Globe and Power Rumors

  1. Did you check the list twice too see who is naughty and who is nice?. Ha! Ha!. I can see no reason why the companies should care who’s names are on the contract because most require you to pay up front even if the service sucks. Like we talked about on phone have your wife sign up using her madam name and they won’t know the difference unless they do back ground check which I don’t think they have this in P.I. yet. Check the list again and see if they will accept a P.I. driver liaison. It shows where you live and how to contact you. This only cost about 800.00 Peso’s now that they did away with drug test. Just requires up to date state side license and B&B stamp in pass port. Fill out forms at LTO and go to their preferred doctor and no problem to get liaison. Good to have in pocket when walking around and get ran over by petty cabs like I have been several times. That way the cops know who to contact.

    1. Well it’s their policy and I tried to negotiate with them, but it was no use. I told them that I’m the one that pays the bill all the time, but they didn’t budge.
      The PI drivers license was on a list, but not that one. It was just under acceptable ID for all, except foreigners need the extra one. I have not had anyone run over me yet, but maybe they are afraid to because I’m so big. I agree it would be something good to have in your pocket though and the drug test doesn’t scare me. Not anymore.

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