February 24, 2024

10 thoughts on “Zine Entry #62 – Power Me Up Scott

  1. Merry Christmas John to you and the gang.Good to hear you will be there in april we will be in samar around april 12th hope the power is back to
    it normal supply.

    1. Thanks Wayne. We hope that you and yours all have a Merry Christmas also. Yes we will be here in April most likely, unless someone wins the lottery and we do something crazy.
      I guess I don’t really mind being here in April. Our anniversary (#34) is on April 7th and we hoped to be back in Texas to go to our favorite steak place, but I suppose we could go to Marcial’s Grille instead. We’ll just go to the steak place in August or September.
      I wouldn’t worry about the power in April. I’m sure it will be its normal unpredictable self when you arrive.

      1. I should be doing another post right now, but I feel so lazy. I got it started, but that’s about it. I hope I get it done soon.

  2. Hey John Me and Nila wishing you and Lita a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Hope you don’t go broke with all the caroling there. Looking forward to being back in couple of months when I can twist the old ladys arm. Ha! Ha!.

    1. This is actually the 3rd time I’ve seen Scott. The first was at Larry Jackson’s party and the second at Randy Landis’s party. He said he’d be by here at 10 or 11 on Saturday and he showed up right at 10:00, so he’s pretty prompt.
      Merry Christmas to y’all too. I know I won’t go broke with the caroling because I mostly stay in while they are here. It’ll be good to have you back, just don’t twist her arm too much, she might twist back.

  3. I remember meeting Scott one time outside of Jus Mar while waiting for old lady for 3 hours while she was shopping. He stopped and said hello and we BS for a few minutes I think he was in a hurry to get somewhere. As for using umbrella in Philippines, my wife tries to get me to use one in the sun or rain. But I make her hold it and stoup down to stay under it so the Filipino’s don’t thank I am a wimp. Ha! Ha!.

  4. Some welcome news. I look forward to meeting Scott, computer geek to computer geek. My wife got me into that umbrella habit. Follicley challenged don’t you know, lol.

    1. Well this Scott is a pretty cool guy, he’s young though, about 38 I believe. Of course I have no doubt that Scott H. is a cool guy also, but I have yet to experience that in person.
      Yes being follicley challenged would be an issue in the sun, but a good hat would serve just a well. This Scott I hope to get his last name soon (and hopefully remember it) so I can distinguish between him and Scott H, in these posts and comments. His business banner says “SJA”, so maybe it’s and “A”.

    1. Well I haven’t used it yet Scott. It’s still in the original package. I know I would only use it in extreme cases and not for “too much sun”. I have a cap for that. I would really have to go somewhere and it would really have to be raining. But it’s one of the few things that I seem to actually be prepared for, you know, just in case.

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