July 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Zine Entry #59 – Rhynz’s Birthday Party

  1. For my 2 Pesos worth I think its because the Filipino’s haven’t figured out how to run a company in the last hundred yrs or the government. Have you been reading that the government and companies which supplies power are not paying the producers. The last I read Manila owes 550 Million and Samelco over 50 million. What happens to the money they collect. It is probably the same with the SS and other deduction which the government collects but disappears when people go’s to claim. No one knows where it went. The 4 months I stayed in Samar power went off every night between 8:30 and 9 PM. That’s not including the other power outages. Well I guess you can say they have improved a little in the last 50 yrs. When I first visited Samar there was no electricity and running water and most roads was dirt. Maybe in the next fifty they will learn to keep outage to minimum.

    1. It seems to be a simple thing to do, but it’s just not getting done. Just pay your bills like they expect us to.

  2. The electrical system in the phiippines is a joke,even before this terrible tyhoon.They have so many excuses for the brown outs.When the power came back on, there was power in Calbayog and in Catbalogan but at
    our little town of Tarangdan,which is between these two towns,there was no power,and no problem with the power supply there.AS I have been told don’t ask why just remember where you are.

    1. Not really fair Wayne. A lot of it has to do where you live also. In the year we have lived here (Manila area), the longest brown out we have had is 5 minutes. Unlike when we first came to visit in the mid 90’s we would have a brown out every day or so. So they have been improving. I guess that’s the price you pay if you live in the province. And remember how long it took for power to come on in New Orleans after Katrina, or Northridge after the earthquake, or the North East after those ice storms? That they have restored power at all after the largest storm in recorded history says something about the Philippine people and the amount of aid given by the rest of the world. And you have to admit, it beats the rat race back home, I for one am grateful. 🙂

      1. Sorry Scott. I agree with Wayne, it’s a joke. Maybe things have gotten better on Luzon, especially around their favorite child, Manila, but here in the step child area of the Philippines, Samar, we don’t get much help. But I will agree that it could get better. I will however cut them a bit of slack for right now because they are improvising with the power. The real test will be once they get back on line. Will they actually realize the problems they had before and improve on them? I sure hope so. Yes it did take awhile to get the power back in those other devastated places, but remember, the typhoon did not actually hit us here. It did take out our power plant, but I have always wondered why the power plant is so far away. They do not have even one power plant on the whole island of Samar to the best of my knowledge. Maybe if they did, things could be a little easier for them and for us.

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