May 22, 2024

6 thoughts on “Zine Entry #56 – Breaking the Boring Ice

  1. It is so kind and helpful of you to let people stay with you. It is heartwarming to hear stories like this. I would like to donate a little to help you. Can I donate through Xoom? I’ve had problems with Paypal and don’t want to use them again.

    1. Sorry Heidi I do not have a bank account here and from what I know about Xoom, that is necessary. The only options I know of donating are through the blog with Paypal or credit card. It’s nice that you would like to donate to help, but it’s really not that necessary. Thank you for thinking about it.

        1. Which e-mail account did you send it to? If you sent it to I probably can’t get to it anymore. Just send it to, I’ll get it. Sorry for the trouble. I just started that e-mail for this blog because the other one was not working out well. I guess I need to change that on here too.

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