February 24, 2024

8 thoughts on “Zine Entry #57 – Slow Internet/Broken Phone

  1. If you still had you car you could have started it and slept in the car with aircon going,like out camping.

    1. You’re right Wayne. I did that many times in Texas, especially when I decided to just wait for Lita at work. She would be cleaning a house that would take about 4 hours and I was unemployed so instead of wasting power at the house, I’d just wait there for her and use the a/c when appropriate.
      It would have kept the mosquitoes from eating me too.

  2. UJ, you can always try what the old pioneers did before AC in the desert. Take a very thin sheet, wet it, wring out the extra water and use that as a blanket. Heard that from an ole guy who was raised in El Centro CA. where it got to be 115 in the summer.

    1. You know Scott I have heard that also. It just never occurred to me during the brown out. I suppose that if we put down some plastic or something, that would work on the bed. Or maybe I could just sleep on one of our bamboo benches. Oh well maybe next time if we don’t get the generator in time.

  3. I remember those moaquito coils from my childhood. Don’t think it helped much. I still got bit by those mosquitos. With the heat, humidity, and mosquitos, those 3 would be good enough reasons to stay at a hotel to get a break.

    1. I think it’s more of a psychological thing, but it usually keeps me sleeping. Believe me, that hotel was high on my mind. I needed to get a good nights sleep without waking up sweating.

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