May 23, 2024

10 thoughts on “Zine Entry #30 – Clark & Angeles

  1. Hi John,
    Don’t worry about your hat. when you come here next I’ll show you where you can get a custom made one. As for the trikes in Balebago they are thieves. you are lucky to get one to anywhere for less than P100.

    1. Cool. I’ll start thinking of something that I want on my hat. I did like that other one though, so maybe I should get one similar to ease the pain.
      P100? Sounds like a place where I would do a lot of walking, especially on the shorter trips.

      1. AC is not as safe as other cities in the PI. You need to be careful as to where and when you walk. People get mugged there.

        1. Well I don’t plan to do too much walking there at night. I hope it’s not so bad in whatever neighborhood I happen to be in at the time.

          1. Size really doesn’t matter in some situations. I wish with all I can muster up that I could post something where it would be best appreciated, but, alas, I’m new here and can’t figure out how to do it. lol That said, I have a question, not stupid but kinda silly. Are the kitchen counters the same height as in the states?
            36 inches is normal here, but we’re a tad taller than Filipino women. Hoping for an in depth answer.
            Wes lol

          2. Well Wes I don’t worry about the kitchen counters much. My wife and our house lady do most of the things in the kitchen. I figure if it’s easier for them, then the less they will complain and the less I will have to do in there. That’s my point of view on that.
            Wes if you have something that you want to have posted on here, you can send it to me at: or if the first one doesn’t work, it doesn’t sometimes for some reason. I will check it out and post it. It must have something to do with the Philippines though that other expats could enjoy reading or benefit from.

  2. Its usually 20 pesos or 50 pesos if late at night or raining. They always ask for 100 pesos, You have the kano tax.

    1. For me, I probably would not pay more, depending on how far my trip was and how tipsy I am. Just because they ask, don’t mean they can get it. If I know the area, I’d probably just walk anyway.

  3. Trikes in AC are one of the biggest scams in the PI.
    And there aren’t many taxis and the jeepneys don’t go everywhere so we’re kinda screwed.

    1. I’d be afraid that a taxi driver might be the same as the trike driver. That one jeepney was only P10, which is the same as here, so that was cool. Of course they can hold about 15 people per trip.

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