May 24, 2024

13 thoughts on “Zine Entry #31 – DM Residente Hotel

  1. They do have ground floor units (poolside) so check the price. Also, Savanah has an elevator, but I do know they cost more.

      1. the Ponderosa is on the other side of MacArthur Hiway from where Clark is… it is in the Mt View area if I am not mistaken… pretty sure it is an Aussie owned/operated place… not familiar with the quality of rooms or prices… never stayed there because it was just too far out of the way for me….

        1. Thanks Butch. It’s looking more and more like the DM Residente is the best place to stay for the price. Maybe I just won’t bother staying elsewhere and just stay there.

  2. I always stay at the Boomerang.

    Its a new hotel and has decent rooms. But not sure if its in your budget. Its 4-5 stories and no elevator so higher up you go, cheaper it is. 10% discount with cash. They do have a van that will take you to the airport, and if you call them, will probably pick you up at the bus station. Berettos is just around the corner from the hotel, can look it up on their map.

    Berettos has good soups. have not tried their salads. But they put a lot of lettuce and tomatoes on their sadwhiches so should be good.

    1. Thanks again Don. I’ll take a look at that hotel online, but my wife is not a big climber of stairs, so it might not work for us.

  3. Well, if the map location of the hotel is correct, you were only about 1-2 km away from Berettos, a 20 peso trike ride, a good place to get American style sandwhiches. I always ask for double meat. Just go back up to Fields Ave and go left. Its before the Savanah hotel. Cant miss it as its a popular place.

    1. Thanks Don. I sure do miss those good old American style sandwiches. If they have soup and salad to go with it, I may be there all day.

    2. How about that Savanah Hotel, is it a decent place to stay. Although we did like DM Residente very much, we hope to experience different hotels in the area so we can pass on what we learn to y’all out there.

    3. another decent place to eat is Phillies… used to be Subdelicious… coming from the DM when you get out onto Fields Ave turn right and go down a few block and it is on the right…. just before you get to the entrance to the “Walking Street” section of Fields Ave…. hav a decent breakfast special which includes coffee for p110… also had a decent buffet lunch thing one day that they charge by the weight of the food on your plate… reasonable prices…. and free wifi there too…

      1. Now I have a couple of places to try out, instead of having to go to the mall. It’s good to try different places at times. I’m such a picky eater though.

      2. also… if you like Mexican… there is a place called Iguana’s (used to be called Zapata’s) it is a little further out Fiuelds Ave from the DM area heading toward the Friendship Gate are (Koreatown)… it is on the left side (perimeter fence is on the right side)… reasonably priced and the best Mexican food I have found here… even compared to places in Manila thayt I tried….

        1. Mexican food is my favorite. I have already written down the other 2 suggested restaurants, but this one definitely goes on the list too. I hope the tricycle drivers know where these places are.

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