May 23, 2024

6 thoughts on “Zine Entry #18

  1. Wow thanks for invite, but can’t make it today but would look forward to next time. Getting ready for great sea journey across to island to claim reward for voting on Monday. No, I don’t have your location, but I see you are across from Ciriaco, so will check that out over next weeks. Again thanks for invite.

    Ingat Ka Nga

    1. I was just saying because the expat together is today. IF u can’t make it until next month, then that expat together will be on June 14th. You can stop by anytime you’d like though. Hopefully at one of the expat get togethers there would be more than just me to talk to though. Not that I’m not a good talker once you get me started on something I’m interested in. In fact, I may be hard to shut up. It’s the Canadian French blood in me I think.

  2. If you decide to continue with expat get together, and if you don’t consider me ‘over-age’ please let me know.
    I’m Aussie,68, been living in san policarpo for nearly four weeks, with wonder woman who seems to know too many people, but without private transport, and providing lodgings to 3 lads starting college in June.
    A bit of english speaking company would be very welcome. so would be some guidance as to shopping in this town, my gut is punishing me for lack of familiar food.
    More than happy to contribute to cost of meal.

      1. My wife says if u want to come by around 5:30 or 6:00, she will cook you some excellent spaghetti with meat sauce. Not the Filipino sweet stuff either.
        If u don’t want to come by so late, it’s fine with us if you do, then just come by on Sunday around lunch time and we can talk then. We are having a party for a 1 year old on Sunday and she won’t mind.
        I guess you know already my location, across from the Ciriaco Hotel.

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