July 21, 2024

5 thoughts on “Zine #74 – Blog Change and More Parties

  1. Site looks good John. This font here in the comment section is really a little too light though to be visible under certain conditions. Can’t wait to come back. It seems I’m missing all the parties, lol.

    1. Thanks Mark. I’m just wondering if the comment section has always been that way or is that something new? I’ll try to find a way to change the comment section font because I didn’t know I did. Maybe it changed when I changed the post font.
      Well recently you have been missing a lot of parties. You need to get back to attend a few and throw a couple.

      1. This font was the same before. When you are typing a comment the type appears very light. Believe me I would be there now if I could be.

        1. You can’t change the font on your end? I keep looking but not sure I can make it darker. Was it before?

        2. There, did that help? Although the background is showing white, on the “Appearance” portion in the Admin area, it was green. I changed it to white, just in case that was causing the problem.

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