May 23, 2024

7 thoughts on “Zine #73 – Gaming and Partying

  1. UJ, did you see that last message from the embassy about Deers and ID cards? If now shoot me an email and ill forward it to you.

    1. Got it.
      No I had not seen that and it’s exactly what I was looking for.
      We will be heading that way in a couple of months to get her ID card renewed and I was hoping that they would resume before then.
      Thanks Scott.

  2. I guess it depends on what is called cheap. Fares for a bit over 300 round trip seem common. LOLOL,,but you can keep space A UJ, had my one and only brush with them as a young jar head. 10 hours facing backwards in a c130,,,no heat, a frozen relief tube and a bag lunch. 🙂

    1. $300 round trip is not so bad. I can’t afford it, but it’s not bad. You know all Space A flights are not that way. In fact the Patriot Express that goes from Yokota to Sea-Tac is a regular civilian airline that is a business class flight. Of course they charge for that one. I think the price is $17 per person, one way. It’s hard to get on though, especially when you are traveling Cat. 6, but not impossible. Also the last flight we was on, a C-5, had nice seats and the crew provided snacks and drinks free.

  3. UJ, our next balikbayan trip will be to Guam,,,pretty cheap air fare. Plus they have US Bases for ID cards, but most importantly a commissary lolol. They also have the Navy lodge there. Usually nice places, maybe equal to a 3.5 star place, but you have to reserve early because visiting brass take the rooms fast.

    1. Well Scott I’d sure like to know where you got airline tickets to Guam that were “pretty cheap”. I have never found any of those. Besides, if we want to go to Guam, we’ll just HOP there. Of course ‘we’ can’t hop until we get her ID card renewed. I know that the commissary is nice compared to what is around here. They have more than the Navy Lodge. I am a member of a Space A Travelers Group so I have done some research on it. In fact I am in the middle of doing a blog with worldwide Space A information, so I have seen all kinds of websites and phone numbers for many places, including Guam. Remember they also have Anderson AFB there. If you, or anyone reading this, would like to become a member (it’s all free), just following this link and sign up: That is the link to the main group, but there are groups for each base that has Space A travel. We’re expanding all the time.

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