June 13, 2024

4 thoughts on “Zine #71 – New Phone Yelling

  1. There is a gym close to your place. I guess it’s right across Grand Tours. It’s owned and operated by a retired Fil-Am located on the 3rd floor. Walk ins are welcome. Try and I’m sure that there will be no lost in translation.lol

    1. I’ve been there, Big Gym. It’s not that close and the only cardio machine he has is a treadmill. I’ve already talked with the owner a couple of times, good guy. For someplace that is not so close, the P999 per month (I think he said) is too much. For the Ciriaco, that’s okay because I could be there everyday, no problem. Maybe I’m just procrastinating, but I’m going to wait and do whatever else to try to not bloat too much.

  2. Good to see you back posting, don’t worry the weight will come off as you have a goal and are committed.

    1. Thanks for commenting David. I don’t believe I’ve seen a comment from you before so it’s always nice to get the first one. I try to post as often as possible, but I get lazy sometimes and just don’t feel like it. As for the weight, well I have the goal part down, but the commitment part I need a little work on. I suppose if I had a partner to help me along, I would do fine. I don’t have one though. When/If they ever get that gym built across the street, I think I will find new motivation because it will be so close and it would not take much effort to walk across the street to workout. We’ll see. I always have the goal in mind, it’s just the action that needs to be executed.

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