May 26, 2024

4 thoughts on “Our New Hot Water Heater

  1. I bought mine 10 years ago 25 gallon Aniston electric water heater at my house in Dagum. They installed the heater similar here in the US. I have my two bathrooms and kitchen hot water ready. I remember i bought it for only 5,000.00 pesos and still works pretty good.

    1. Well Bobby I sure hope that ours is as good as the one you have then. Maybe in 10 years I’ll be ready to buy another one. Lots of things to buy between now and then though. Like a printer and some speakers.

      1. a hot water heater is good to have when its the rainy season and the water is colder, but from my experience a warranty in the Philippines is pretty much worthless. I have never been able to use a warranty since I been here. one time I returned a tv set and didn’t get it back from repairs for 6 months! im still waiting for a rice cooker that stopped working after using it for 2 months

        1. Thomas I agree with you. If you have been reading lately, then all I should have to say is, “my cell phone”. That just took a couple of Filipinas and their yak yakking to get that resolved though. Works for me. As for repairs though, we have not had a problem, except that cell phone. We had our freezer fixed and it came back better than when it was new. Our fans have a life time warranty on them. If one breaks, the guy fixes them for free, even if we didn’t buy the fan from him. I guess because we did buy so many from him and when we want or need another one, we get it from him too.
          Anyway, thanks for checking out the blog and most especially thank you for taking the time to send a comment. I haven’t been getting too many recently, but several of the latest ones have been from first time commenters. I hope to see plenty more comments from you on here.

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