May 25, 2024

6 thoughts on “Wednesday – 29 Jun 2011

    1. I think I saw that. I will be in town with the camera tomorrow. If I remember, I’ll go by the new market and get some updated pictures there too.

    1. Yes it is a sari-sari store. I’ve had pictures on here a lot, I thought everyone knew. Maybe I should put more.
      It makes some money, but we have plans to make it make more money soon.

  1. Lets hope Lita doesnt read the blog daily, you might just get that fan stuck in an inconvienent place while your sleeping heh heh.

    Have you thought of using the “shameless plug” method. during the body of your blog, if your topic in any way mention or refers to the type of service your advertiser supplys you could put a hot link or “see page 4” or what ever. but then again i am a soldier not a web engineer or internet consultant

    1. The chances of her reading the blog are somewhere between doubtful and no way. The only way I think she could find out anything on this blog is if Marianne tell her. Are you reading this Marianne? But if Lita does try to stick the fan in an inconvenient place, well at least it’s clean now.
      I never heard of ‘shameless plug’. I’d have to check into it, but it sounds like something that would be a pain for my reader. If it is, I won’t put in on the website. I need to try to keep all the readers happy, not frustrate them. There is something similar to that on the website now though. There are some highlighted words on every post and if you click on them they will give you certain information. Maybe that’s the same thing you are talking about, I don’t know. If that’s all it is, then that didn’t seem bad to me.

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