July 19, 2024

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – 29 Dec 2010

  1. Hi JJ,

    Maybe my desktop is just acting up but I seem to have a hard time getting to your most current blog. I’ll check again latter when I get back home. Right now the latest date is the 29th. Another bug that seems to be happening is that there’s a lot of jumping around in this site today. Maybe that won’t happen when I check back later.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR in Calbayog, JJ & Lita !!! Prosperity is on the list, of course, but I believe that as long as we’re happy, the rest are not that important. 🙂

    Now I’m at this point and I find the “submit” button. Oh, there it is: the typed lines have to go to the extreme right in order for it to show up behind the right panel.:(

    1. The latest regular blog is 29 Dec. I have put 3 or 4 more stories after that though.
      I don’t know what is causing the jumping.
      Thank you for the Happy New Year. Of course at midnight tonight we will celebrate that somehow.
      It’s is also Lita’s birthday tomorrow. No age for the asawa will be posted, even with her permission. It’d be a trick to nag at me later about.
      Not sure what your saying about the “submit” button or the right panel, but it sounds like the blog on screen is too big for the screen. If that’s the case maybe you could just go to Properties and adjust the resolution of the screen (higher) and that would solve the problem. Joyce had a similar problem and that took care of that.
      You forgot to say “Keep Typing”…but I know you want me to…and I will, as long as you “Keep Reading”.

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