April 22, 2024

2 thoughts on “Monday – 3 Jan 2011

  1. Welcome back, JJ! Thought you might have come down with the flu or something. Glad it was just an Internet problem. 🙂

    You really are hilarious although you try not to show that side of your personality. Or do you? :0 LOL

    I encountered THE long-distance problem while in downtown Tacloban. Horrific experience trying to walk under the 90-degree blazing sun [easier than trying to snag a parking spot] from one place to another. Even the telephone office does not offer the service, I kid you not. I had to drive to Palo and use a private phone to call long-distance! Nothing makes sense.

    On the other hand, a first cousin in Anahawan who uses a Globe landline and his sister in Cebu whose landline service is also provided by Globe, can call each other “locally.” No LD charge. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 🙂

    Read you tomorrow. Keep typing.!

    1. No, no flu…but a case of the ‘pissed offs’.
      Maybe I’m funny, maybe not, I am complex. More complex than even my wife knows, or am I?
      All I know is that the phone system here sucks. Titing agrees with me too.
      I have Globe and I can call locally free. In fact, I hear, any phone system here can call their phone system for free, no matter where in the Philippines, but if you call someone on another phone system and they are standing next to you (which would be stupid, but to make a point) it’s long distance. Let the pipe smoking continue.
      I’ll type ya later.

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