May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Sunday – 26 Dec 2010

  1. JJ! How can something which may be used to treat human heart problems be considered “useless” information? Even if it’s vampire bat saliva. Tsk tsk.

    Karaoke. Hate it! HATE it, specially when the volume is on full blast. How anyone can inflect that on a captive audience is beyond me. Even hearing it from a mile away sets my teeth on edge.

    Your info bits about the Philippines is a very good idea: two thumbs up.

    Sorry, JJ, [don’t hit me!] but although “mahal” when used in relation to a person as in “mahal kita” means “you are special to me,” it technically means “expensive.” PAGIBIG is “love,” with “ibig” being the root word. So “I love you” translates to “Ini-ibig kita.” In Bisayan/Visayan, love is “gugma” [goog-mah]. “Gihi-gugma ko ikaw” is the Visayan version of Tagalog’s “ini-ibig kita.” Say that to Lita when she walks in and let me know what happens 😉 GP only. 🙂

    1. Hey I don’t make up these things. It was just some information I found.
      I don’t hate karaoke, but that screeching sound from the amp was too much for me.
      I’m going to stop using that Tagalog dictionary I have all together. It has too many mistakes. From now own I’m going to ask someone, especially Lita. I’ve had too many mistakes with it.

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