July 19, 2024

7 thoughts on “Wednesday – 20 Oct 2010

  1. George’s birthday was October 13 so I don’t know what party she invited you to unless it was hers. I will have to ask her that.

    Xyza is pronounced Zai Zuh. Two syllables…the first syllable like the word xylophone and the second syllable is pronounced like duh, only zuh….make sense?

  2. Sorry I did not make it back there the rest of the week. I wish we could have stayed longer but I don’t like driving at night, especially in the Philippines. The other person with us is named Xyza and she is our nanny. George can be a little shy at first but if he finds playmates, than he is fine. He is a joy to have around and I know he will want to go visit again when we are in Calbayog again. He especially likes girls…just like his daddy. I’m not sure when we will be back but I think we may be back for Jen’s birthday which is November 21. I will give you an advance notice this time..I promise!

    1. It’s fine that you didn’t come back, you probably have lots of things to do, just getting back and all. Did you find out about the PLDT internet yet? I don’t even like riding at night if I can avoid it, but will if necessary or practical. And how do you pronounce Xyza? He did seem to get over his shyness pretty quick after Precious showed up. I guess it’s true then. The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys. Jen did invite us to a birthday party, according to Lita, but I thought Lita told me it was George’s birthday. Probably another miscommunication. It’s fine if you just show up without notice. I only wanted it last time because I wanted to be sure we had the money available to pay you back. It might be good to let me know though, to be sure we are here. We should be though. After we return from Tambis, early November, I don’t expect to be going anywhere except Cebu, and that should be in December, before Christmas sometime.

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