July 19, 2024

6 thoughts on “Thursday – 21 Oct 2010

  1. BTW, when I try your other blog, it brings me up to a World Press Site and requests a user name and password. So I am not sure I have access. Also, googling it brought up some other sites.


    1. I’ll try to correct it on the blog. If you use Yahoo to search and put it in quotes, it will bring up only my site.
      Isn’t that unusual? But, it’s true, I just tested it again.

  2. Hi JJ! Lately I haven’t had much chance to stay online long enough to kibitz but I did manage to quickly read your daily blog. Tried to remember the points on which you needed input, but at the moment the only one that comes up is drying dishes in PI. The two-legged dishwashers don’t bother to wipe them dry probably because the tropical heat dries washed dishes in a jif. By the time other chores are done, it’s time to put the air-dried dishes away.

    Can’t seem to access your other blog; same with MJTS flyer. But I’ll try again when I have more time. Glad to know you got your CARE package. 🙂 You’re taking your walks with or without company, good for you! Or as the Aussies say, good on you, Mate!

    Keep walking, snapping and typing! 😉

    1. Well at least I know you are still around and reading when you can. Wonder what’s going on with your computer that you can’t access those other things? I know the MJTS flyer I have to click 3 times before I get to it, maybe you aren’t going far enough? Just guessing. No clue on the other blog access, it works fine for me. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem as you? No one else has said anything at all. Don’t even know if they’ve tried to go there or not.
      The little walk wasn’t really for exercise, just to take a few pictures, although I guess any walking is good. On that walk I was alone. When I go later on, after the heat goes down and the sun is still up, I plan to be alone again, but if someone goes with me, it’s okay, it’s just a causal walk.

    1. Limewire 5.5.16 is what I’m using now. Watched Ice Age last night and it came out pretty decent. Not perfect, but very watchable.

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