May 23, 2024

8 thoughts on “Tuesday – 19 Oct

  1. Howdy!you change your skin or background uj.i think its better the combination of the flag….pi and texas flag..its just a suggestion.bcoz your story here is about a texan life in the pi.BTW i like your and regards to all.

    1. Before I had just a Philippines flag. I have a picture of a combo Philippines and US flag, but I couldn’t find one with a combination Philippines and Texas flag. I tried to put separate pictures on there, but it wouldn’t let me. I was going to find a way to do that, but I never got around to it for some reason. Maybe I’ll look into that after I finish todays post, which I’m in the middle of doing right now. I just wanted to put something different on there. Just trying to make it look good. If I can get that Philippine/Texas flag combination, I will put that on there instead.

    2. There Ramil…I figured out how to get the Philippine flag and the Texas flag on there at the same time. It does look good, I think.

  2. I could tell you a horror story about taking bus to Samar in 2009. Being stranded along road for 3 days on a trip only suppose to take 16 hrs. My wife said that was last bus trip we was taking. Either fly or use are on car.

    1. 3 days? Wow! Where did you get stuck at? I guess no place close to any relatives. These days if that happen to us, I’d have to call a relative to come pick me up. I can’t be stranded like that. But I sure can understand her feelings.

  3. Good you got out and about,i enjoy looking at the pics.i remember those places,one spot i liked to stop at was sea wall by your place,real nice spot to stop on the motor bike.yea those bus are dangerous when your riding
    a bike.the sari sari stores are all over the place,its hard to imagine any of them make any money.there three in are wifes family are fisherman in samar and she thought it blew hard there until she went out on a halibut fishing trip with us out of kodiak alaska and was blowing alittle hard her first and last trip,she tought we were in a typhoon.

    1. I knew you and/or Winda would say something about me getting out in the neighborhood. Lots of motorbikes stop by the seawall, even the trike drivers. I don’t see how they make money either, but they must be or they couldn’t afford to stay in business. Lita is suppose to open her store in January, I’m going to have to remind her of all the Stores around and let her know she must have something different to make it work. Being right across from the hotel will help if visitors start showing up though. Yeah, I’ve been out on a boat during a little wind storm, not that big of a deal. Yesterday though for about that 1 hour, I’ll bet no fishermen were out then. It was howling.

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