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4 thoughts on “Wednesday – 19 Jan 2011

  1. Like dave said if you can not eat after seven
    that helps alot for me anyway but is hard to do
    sometimes.It is easier for me to loose wieght
    in the PI as less junk than in the USA and i also seem to do more walking there.I also think writing
    every other day is a good plan.Hope you can make
    it to the new hotel for dinner.how is the new hotel
    doing,are getting enough guests.

    1. I made it before seven last night. Actually I was finishing up the last spoon of soup right at 7pm.
      I think anyone that ate a lot of junk food in the US, can lose weight here easier. I know here in Calbayog I rarely go to the few here.
      Never did make it to the hotel and I’ll have to ask them about some things before I do. Like I noticed their buffalo wings are P220.
      Well that’s pretty high if we only get 5 wings, but if it’s 10, then it’d be worth it. I need to find out things like that.
      The guests at the hotel seem to be increasing. Some nights I see a lot of people through the windows moving around and during the day people are coming and going on a regular basis. It’s still not constant, but they are getting there.

  2. Cute photo of your store keeper, John. What a
    great picture! You should take a day off, esp. for
    your birthday. It’s not hard to get burned out
    blogging sometimes, and it’s good to take a
    day off occasionally. You just have to recharge
    those batteries from time to time.

    I know when I lost my 53 pounds a couple of
    years ago, I held fast to that not eating after
    7 pm rule either. My downfall back in the USA
    was to sit in front of the TV and snack every
    night. Don’t do that in the Philippines since
    my snack access is somewhat limited, and I
    decided I needed to keep my weight off.

    You’re pretty brave minding the store. You can
    bet some of the customers might be too shy
    to approach you, being a kano and all, and I’m
    sure I would mess up the prices, too. But it
    was good of you to fill in. Enjoy reading your
    stories. They have a nice personal touch.

    1. It’s easy for her to have a cute picture when she is so cute.
      I use to blog everyday, but I starting reaching for things to say, so I try to do it every other day now. Oh if I find an article I think is worth posting, I’ll read it and then give my opinion on it, but other than that I try to not do anything.
      I need to be more strict on that 7pm rule, no matter what time I am going to bed.
      When I get back to the Texas, I’m going to have to fight to not sit in front of a TV. That will probably be a year from now though, so by then all my bad habits should be gone. When I lose the weight I want to, I’m not going back to the 300+ ever again. Not even 250+.
      I’ll probably have to mind the store again, but I’ll make an attempt not to.
      Glad you like the stories, I do try to give that personal touch. I find that people relate better if you are yourself.

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