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4 thoughts on “Sunday – 16 Jan 2011

  1. I’ve resorted to eating Chippy’s, too, John.
    They’re OK, but no substitute for my Frito
    Corn Chips which I love. I like regular
    potato chips, too, but the Lay’s and Pringles
    are more expensive here, and I usually end
    up with a lot of crumbled ones in the can

    I used some Super Hot Sauce I bought here,
    and it’s really not that hot. I need to grow
    some really hot peppers like haberno peppers.
    Now that’s hot! Good luck on the continued
    weight loss program. I guess my commenting
    about unhealthy snacks doesn’t help, though.

    1. I like the Frito Corn Chips too, but I’m okay here because I can get the Doritoes and Lays Sour Cream & Onion (which I never thought I would like until I actually tried them). I’m fine with the BBQ Chippy’s though.
      Haberno’s are a bit hot for me, I think. Another thing that I ‘think’ I won’t like. I like Jalapeno’s, but I know they are not as hot as Haberno’s, at least I’m told.
      We will be planting some fresh jalapeno’s soon and with that and the tabasco sauce, I’ll be just fine.
      I’d try the haberno’s though, especially if I get to mix it in with my food.

  2. Let me start with one Q from your Jan 15th blog re turning clothes inside-out to wash. I don’t know that everyone does that, but I do know most do so before hanging them to dry. I was told many moons ago that because the sun’s so hot colors fade faster, so to make the clothes look new longer they make sure the inside gets more exposure.

    Doesn’t take much to make the kids happy aside from a nurturing home environment, does it? So even a small religious procession gets them more excited than the adults.

    Isn’t it great that you can get up or nap anytime you want because you can? 🙂

    Congratulations on your latest weigh-in result! You’ll get to your weight goal sooner than you think – specially if Lita keeps forgetting the chips. 😀 Yes, the exercise will make you healthier, and don’t forget more fruits and veggies.

    To your health, salud!

    1. I guess that’s a good reason for turning clothes inside out. Never thought of it that way.
      Yeah I knew that about kids. Get them doing something that’s important to them, or at least they think is important, and they are happy.
      Yes..nap..I’ll need one today too.
      Sooner than I think? Okay…I think I should be at my goal tomorrow. Let’s see if it works.
      I eat lots of veggies, not too much fruit, except bananas and sometimes oranges and apples at the moment.

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