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7 thoughts on “Friday – 21 Jan 2011

  1. John I was wondering if you have heard what the rooms are
    running not the top end ones but the lower priced rooms.Maybe Blair could tell us that and what he thought
    of the place price,rooms and the food.glad to hear your gout is better,i have had that a few times no fun.

    1. I could probably get some sort of price list from the Ciriaco.
      Blair said he loved it over there…rooms and restaurant. She also said he would be rating his stay at, I think he said Travelocity. Maybe he’ll read this and let us know which site he rated it on.

  2. Love the Jollibee vs. Ronald McDonald pictures,
    John. I don’t use reaction buttons, and I
    don’t like to use those “shout out” boxes
    some blogs use. I would rather leave a comment
    since I think it’s more personal, but that’s
    just my opinion. Good to hear that Google has
    approved you.

    1. Yeah, those are pretty cute pictures, especially the one with Jollibee punching out Ronald.
      I’m seriously considering getting rid of those reaction buttons. People don’t use them much anyway.
      I don’t even know what a “shout out” box is, but if it’s similar to this, I’ll pass on those too.
      I wish everyone would leave a comment, but I thought this would be a way for them to say something if they didn’t feel like typing out something long.
      Yeah Google finally approved me, I hope it does some good. Not going to get rich on with ads though. Wish I knew another way to make money from this blog, besides writing a book (I can’t do that).

      1. Hey John. Home now after my stay at the ceriaco with my fiance. Loved my time there and planning to return for a good portion of march. hows the gout treating you. Hope your feeling much better. It wqs nice to meet you and your family there. And your store was very conveniant. salamat to your wife again for the extra huge coffee she made me. It was delicious. See you again soon. Blair.

        1. So you are gone already. Sorry for not seeing you more, but you know I had that gout problem.
          The gout is gone and I’m taking my medication to prevent it from returning.
          I do hope to get to see you again in March. It was a pleasure to meet you.
          Yeah the Ciriaco does block my ocean view, but it is nice to have a lot of people to be able to come to the store. You’re right it is convenient for the hotel users and employees. Helps all of them and us too.
          I’ll tell her when she returns from the market…she just left a few minutes ago.
          I’ll be looking forward to your return.

  3. Wish we were there to see the new market,maybe they will open up new shops in that area,it would be nicer going there than going to the old market and dealing with the traffic there.

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