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8 thoughts on “Wednesday – 16 Mar 2011

    1. No problem. I live here now and it’s an interesting country.
      Thanks for taking the time to send a comment. If you have any questions or need to know something about the area, let me know and I’ll do my best to find out.
      Mabuhay and Salamat po!

    1. Okay, but you should know that Lita decided we didn’t have enough money to make the trip, so we ain’t going. It’s in the 16 Mar post.
      We or maybe I will be going to Tacloban this Sunday. There are some things there that I need to make my stay here more pleasant and I want them.
      Lita might change her mind and go also, it’s still 3 days away, but as of now it’s just me and Ramil.

  1. The food is really good at John and lita’s BBQ. I can vouch for it first hand. John, as far as the U.S military building a base in mindanao, I think that would be like a bear in a bees nest. But maybe that would bring more stability there. It certainly couldnt hurt to bring back some military presence. I depart on tuesday and will be in calbayog thursday24. And of course have to stop over in tokyo which im not to secure about but maybe they will re-route the flight. Its better then the original plans of landing in Nagoya Japan on the 10th exactly when that earthquake hit. See ya soon bud.

    1. Well maybe in Mindanao would be a little risky, but how about around Tacloban or southern Samar? I know it will probably never happen, but it gives me something to type about.

  2. Too bad about your trip, John. Would like to have seen some pics of the area. I think it is quite funny that everyone from the hotel chooses to eat at your barbeque instead of the restaurant in the hotel. Must be some good food.

    1. Well, as I said, I’m not that disappointed about not going. I will be going to Tacloban on Sunday though, so I will take pictures there. I do have some pictures of the Tambis area already on the blog so you can check those out. I’m sure not much has changed there.
      I’m telling you, those people say they love Lita’s BBQ sauce. Also our BBQ is much cheaper than the restaurant. If I worked at the restaurant, I’d eat there, but that’s just because I’m me and I don’t eat the BBQ that we cook. Not because it isn’t good, according to customers, but because it is pig intestines and the Filipino hot dog is not good for me either. Except the Pure Food hot dogs taste pretty good. Not great, but edible.

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