April 11, 2024

7 thoughts on “Tuesday – 28 Sep

  1. What kind of speeds are you getting with the internet there? Go to speedtest.net and let me know the numbers. I pay 3,500 pesos in Angeles for speeds that are only 10% of what I get in Montana and the cost here in Montana is about 2,000 pesos per month. Too much money for the speeds in Angeles but I need the “higher” speeds so I can do my work while in Angeles. That is my main worry about Samar. Can I do my work from there? I need a reliable connection and reliable electricity. I don’t think I can count on either.

      1. Yikes! Those are really really bad. My download speeds here are 10.40 which is almost 20 times faster and the upload speed here is .73 which is about double your speed. The ping here is 32 which is much faster than Calbayog. For the ping test, the lower number, the better. Basically, that is how fast a signal is sent from your computer to the ISP and returned to your computer.
        Do you know if your ISP has multiple choices for your internet service? For instance, in Angeles I have the highest priced option available for non-business customers. I can choose lower price options but my speeds are slower also. I just don’t know whether the speeds you have would allow me to do my work. About a year ago, I went to two different internet cafes in Calbayog and tried to work and it was extremely frustrating as the connection was so slow and inconsistent.
        I guess I will have to see what happens when I get there. Jen still has not got the service hooked up at the house in SJ and it is only 8 days before I leave here.

        1. Don’t know if they have a faster service or not. I don’t think so, but they don’t tell me much around here. I hear they have satellite internet here, but I haven’t checked into it. The service I have now is good enough for me, as long as it changes screens when I press the button that’s good enough for my purposes.

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