Wednesday – 29 Sep 2010


[smartads] First thing I remember this morning was, “Honey, could you move these sodas to the cooler?”  That was at 0648.  I got up, moved the sodas to the cooler and went back to bed.  About 2 hours later at 0846, I heard, “Honey could you make some pancakes?”.  I got up mixed the batter and starting cooking pancakes.  Before I was even done I heard, “Honey could you move these cases of soda under the bench?”  So after I finished cooking the pancakes, I put all 3 cases under the bench in our living area.  I ate 3 pancakes, Lita had 2 and we drank bottled water.  After that I figured I was up for good, so I turned on the computer, checked my comments (2 from Winda only), checked the MJ Tourist Service information and now I’m here typing this.  Henceforth when referring to the MJ Tourist Service, I will just type MJTS, that’s easier for me and only the ones really following my blog will know what it is.  Lita did thank me for cooking her pancakes and she’s been awfully nice about not complaining when I stay up until 3:00am, which I did this morning.  Oh and I did check my ‘secret’ e-mail address.  The one I created for relatives and close friends only.  I started that because I was scared that maybe I might miss one of their e-mails with all the junk I’ve been getting in my normal account.  So far, it’s working out fine.

DiDi is a friend of the family that lives in Manila.
This is Grace now (2010)

Last night I was checking my fantasy football teams and the internet was running pretty decently fast.  Sometimes it just drags, but last night, I didn’t have any complaints.  I don’t know if those numbers I left for Gary were good or not, but the internet was running good enough for me last night.  If it ran like that all the time, I’d never complain, but I don’t have a business that depends on the internet to always be fast.  I’ve still got a few fantasy teams to check, but I haven’t been doing too bad this week.  Last week, I really bit the big one, and I did very well in Week 1.

Lita is out front talking with Titing.  They seem to be in a highly interesting conversation.  Every once in a while Lita’s voice raises up and Titing laughs.  Oh, now Vicky has joined the conversation.  No clue what they are talking about, but everyone is happy.  That’s the #1 thing.

Getting ready to go to Malajog Beach
At Malajog Beach 2006

It seems that last night while the mga bata were ‘playing’, Reverof broke his arm, or at least sprained it.  I’m not sure, all I know is that Ramil took him to the hospital this morning using our truck.  No one told me last night, I had to find out just by chance this morning.

It’s pretty quiet outside right now.  Only sounds I hear are the vehicles going by and an occasional voice talking.  Vicky is on the table outside chopping up something, I’m not looking, I can just hear her chopping.  Don’t know where everyone went, but they’re not bothering me, so it’s okay.

I’m going to lay down while it’s quiet and the rain is pitter-pattering all around.

When I went to lay down, it was straight up 11:00am.  After awhile I opened my eyes because I was getting a little warm.  That’s when I noticed, brownout.  It was 12:05pm.  I got up, turned the a/c off, so when/if the power did come back on, it would have to work so hard.  I found Lita in the kitchen cutting up pork to skewer for the BBQ and I asked her how long the electric’s been out.  She said, “I don’t know, don’t ask me.”  I wanted to tell her, “Too late, I already asked you”, but she had a big knife, so I passed on that.  I went outside to wander around a bit and when I came back in about 10 minutes later, the electric was back on.  I laid back down in front of the electric fan caused it felt so good.  I wanted to wait my 30 minutes before turning the computer back on to be sure electricity has stabilized.  I waited about 20 minutes, forced myself to get up, went into the CR, shaved (because it’s been about 5 days) and then came out to turn the computer back on.  It’s working fine.

Mary 1 singing me a song.
On the ferry boat on the way to Cebu 2006

I had to take a short pause from here.  Those 2 cats were outside fixing to get into a fight again.  I grabbed a bottle of water, rinsed my mouth out, and spit it towards them just as far as I could.  They were on the roof of the dirty kitchen.  That worked temporarily, but they almost got started again, so I grabbed a broom and tried to drag Kitty down, he was closer.  I couldn’t, but he left and Blue, after him seeing what I was doing, had already left.  So it’s peace and quiet again until next time.  Lita mentioned yesterday about buying a water hose, that’ll come in handy to shut those cats up.

Good thing I’ve got the restaurant thing to fall back on today, because it looks like it is going to be bo-o-ring.  I know I said that before and it doesn’t always turn out to be true, but I’ll be surprised if this day has anything interesting to talk about.  So I guess I’ll get into the restaurant story.

Even before we moved here I was thinking about opening a restaurant here.  They style of restaurant I want is not here in Calbayog.  I’m not saying what kind, just that they don’t have one here yet.  Of course according to Mar, he doesn’t think that that type of restaurant will make it.  I told him, well we can try it my way and if it doesn’t work, we can do it the way that you say, it’d be an easy conversion over.  You know, when I started this paragraph, I was thinking that I was going to tell y’all all about that restaurant, but now I’m not.  I’m leaving it all secret until I either open the restaurant or all plans fall through and it’ll never happen.  Now I’m still going to be short on today’s post.  At least I won’t be able to fill it with this restaurant stuff, like I started out.  It’s okay, something of some importance will happen and I’ll put it in here.

At the river in Catmon 2006
At the river in Catmon

Well I ended up eating soup again tonight.  I’ve been eating a lot of soup/stew recently.  I did get a small salad with the soup tonight though, tea to drink.  Notice I didn’t say iced tea.  Lita has bags of water (turning to ice) in our freezer and it’s too hard to get the ice.  It’s not so bad to eat soup/stew ‘every night’, but I have to use the water to make the soup and it leaves a bad after taste in my mouth.  I know that the water here has to be boiled before I can use it, but that after taste is not so good.

Just dreaming, if MJTS ever gets going good, I’ll be able to eat better.  Because I will for sure be going to help with the touring to Cebu where they have nice restaurants.  Of course our tourists will be eating at these restaurants also.  I plan to set them up at 4 Star hotels and beach resorts and dine in at least 2 very fine restaurants during a weeks time.  Of course the other restaurants, eateries or whatever will also be nice places to eat too.

In Tambis 2006


At SM Mall - Cebu 2006

Guess I’m going to have to close for the night.  It’s 10:24.  I’ve been goofing around downloading music and not working on this.  Nothing interesting has happened anyway.  No more brownouts, no more broken arms (he did break that in 2 places) and not even any more rain.  It’s been boring.  The most interesting thing that has happened is the font below going crazy and this one is different than above too.  Not to worry, it’ll be fine for the next post.  Adds a little drama to the post (very little).

“He who does not love his own language is worse than an animal and smelly fish.”  – Jose Rizal

Salamat, Paalam



4 thoughts on “Wednesday – 29 Sep 2010

  1. ‘She had a big knife so I passed on that’… man.

    I agree with Wayne that a western style restaurant would be nice to see in Calbayog. The restaurants overall are not very good in Calbayog although Carmelos is not too bad. I have yet to find decent pizza or pasta. I think there was a Mexican restaurant at one time but I don’t think it lasted very long. The worst pizza I ever had in my life was in Calbayog at a place called JJ’s, or at least I think that was the name of the place.

    1. Yeah I thought having a knife stuck in me would ruin my day.
      I really, really want to do a restaurant here. I even have someone that I think could make a good manager, but I just don’t have the money yet.
      Never been to Carmelos, I don’t think. I’ve been to a couple of places downtown, but I don’t really like any of them. Chow King orange chicken is about it for me. But since I don’t like all those places, I am losing weight. Some times I just can’t stand to eat the local beef. Sometimes, when Lita has ground beef and puts lots of seasoning and hot stuff in it and she makes tacos, then I can eat it.

  2. John a couple days ago i was talking to you about a car service out of calbayog,the type i was thinking of was like a private car you can hire to pick you up at airport in manila to Angeles for a set price.Dont know how much use it get but i could have used it a couple of times to go to Catbalogan
    and Tarangdan.the restaurant in Calbayog sounds good to me it would be
    nice to have a western style restaurant there,i have always thought a
    Teriyaki chicken and pork restaurant would do good there,there is one at SM Angeles that does good with filipinos and western customers.
    Have you ever used Smart internet sevice,i used it four years ago when
    iwas living in subic i was real happy with them.

    1. But I guess in this case you were talking about picking people up in Manila and taking them to Calbayog, maybe. I could do that, but frankly it’d be faster and cheaper to take a plane to Calbayog from Manila. There are 2 or 3 direct flights per day. I’d have to charge for gas, my time, a driver (or 2)…I’m not even sure of a price yet, but a plane would be cheaper. Of course, if there are places you want to stop, like duty free in Angeles, and/or other places, then a car/truck/van would be better.
      I guess teriyaki chicken and pork would do well, but don’t they have restaurants like that here already? I think so. I’d want something original.
      No, never used Smart internet. I don’t think it is available here in Bagacay. I’m happy enough with the service I have now. It frustrates me at times, but I’ll stick with it until something wonderful comes along.

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