July 19, 2024

7 thoughts on “Tuesday – 22 Feb

  1. I will help out there john np, with the restaurant idea of yours. I think its a great idea and also good competition for the restaurant in the ceriaco. I dont use paypal but can deliver it to you in march when i see you there. And I know exactly what he means about fried anchovies. I guess us westerners just cant deal with that. That smell would take the stripe right off a skunk.

    1. Thanks a lot Blair. Remind me and I’ll tell you a little story about some of those people at the Ciriaco.
      Okay if you deliver it to me, I will put whatever amount you give me in my Paypal account and let it sit there until we are ready to proceed with the Blue Gazebo Cafe.
      That’s a good way to describe the dried fish smell. “It could strip the stripe off a skunk’s back.”
      See you in a couple of weeks.

  2. John,

    Good luck on your fund raising. I like that your not asking for investors and promising 100% return or something bogus. I restaurant is a tough business and your wife will be busier than ever. You may need to start bussing tables and washing dishes, which might be an attraction in itself.

    I will throw over a few $$ if my paypal still works.


    1. Thanks Don. I figured I’d have to start pitching in more, especially at first. I didn’t think about me being an attraction thing, but you’re right. I don’t think I’ll be washing dishes though. I may bus tables, wait on some tables and even help in the kitchen, including washing dishes, but I won’t making washing dishes a high priority. Now that you mentioned it, I’ll be sure to make my presence known often, because sometimes it makes Filipinos smile when they see a Kano doing manual labor.

  3. John, I remember the first time my wife’s Lola cooked tuyo (dried anchovies) in our house. That smell almost knocked me over and didn’t leave the house for days. The smell was so bad I wouldn’t even taste the meal.

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