July 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Thursday – 24 Feb 2011

  1. John,
    The only picture that showed up on my screen was the one at the very top of the page. Don’t know if it was a problem on your end or mine but wanted you to know in case it was on yours.

    1. Oh crap! I don’t know. I’m putting a new post out today. Let me know if they show on this one.
      Do you get the picture description in writing instead of the actual picture, or do you get nothing?
      Is anyone else reading this having that problem?
      Someone please let me know so I can correct this, if the problem is on my end.

      1. There is a square which is mostly blank with a red x in the corner and a brief description of what the photo is supposed to be. I’ll go to the new post and check it out.

        1. Is it a yellowish looking square?
          I had that on the site, when I was learning this new way I have to put photos in now. I thought I deleted it though.

          1. I went back to double check it, and mine were gone too on yesterdays post. I have corrected it, I think. Is it good on your end now? Mine were there on today’s post though.

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