July 20, 2024

29 thoughts on “Gaisano Grand Mall Calbayog N/A ATT

  1. there’s new news about gaisano in the thread it will be built in bagacay and is about 40,000 SQ. Meters and they will just build a hypermart in the public market

        1. Will do…if I can. Remember last time I couldn’t get it to work. If I can’t I’ll put them on here and you can just move them to the other post.

          1. the mall will be in the highway and the back part will be in magsaysay blvd. extension, it’s just a few meters from the cokpit arena, construction will start immediately after all the paper work will be filed

          2. Yep..that’s right over here by us. We’re only a couple minute walk from the cock pit area. The mall people will have a better view of the ocean there. Also I e-mailed Subway, Scholotsky’s (spelling), KFC and Popeye’s to make sure they knew about this mall being built in case they wanted to put a restaurant in there. Subway and Scholotsky’s said they would check into it. I didn’t hear back from the other two.


    1. Maybe it was clear to you, since you speak Tagalog, but I had to get my wife to look at it and she is not very computer savvy. It seems that the mall will be built downtown, as originally thought, and the cockfight arena is going to be torn down, but only to make a road going to the new public market and bus terminals. Is that what it said? Is there going to be a warehouse here in Bagacay for Gaisano?
      For anyone reading that knows Tagalog and wants to know, the site is: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=73746153 – if you have to join to view, it’s worth it. They have lots of pictures and area information and it’s all free.

    2. Naturally I wish it was going to be built in this area, but as long as Calbayog is getting the mall, that’s the most important thing. I’m happy for the employment it will bring to this area. Since it seems that the main road to the new public market and new bus terminals will be nearby, maybe some big businesses will deem it profitable to build something close to this area too. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      1. Gaisano bought 7000 square meters of land near the cokfight arena. The city government doesn’t know what gaisano will do with it but 7000 square meters is too big for a warehouse it might be another mall or department store

        1. That’s interesting. I guess it’s another thing that we’ll just have to wait and see on.

    1. Yes I have it. I was just about to register when this message came in. After I register, I’m going to ask if anyone else has heard anything about the new mall.

      1. I tried to register, but it denied me. It seems to think I am a spammer. I’ve already e-mailed them to review it. I don’t even know how to be a spammer, so that kind of funny actually. I’m just wondering why it came up that way though.

        1. we new it was going to be built since january 2009 but the public market was denied and then they planned in rawis but the government blocked it and then they planned to put in the old public market again and now they have denied the public market again

          I have an unused file I could give you the username is diokersani and the pasword is powerups

          1. I’ll wait to see what they say from the site first. I see no reason they should deny me, but we’ll wait and see.
            Thanks though.

      2. we new it was going to be built since january 2009 but the public market was denied and then they planned in rawis but the government blocked it and then they planned to put in the old public market again and now they have denied the public market again

        1. I don’t know anything about all that other stuff, all I know is that people are being paid to leave out of that area because they were told that the new mall is going to be built there.
          I see that you put my post on the skyscraper site. That’s cool. I hope we get some more information from it. Also I hope it increases my traffic to my site a bit more.

          1. don’t register using Google chrome because it will identify you as a spammer but if you register with internet explorer it wouldnt identify you as a spammer

          2. I don’t have IE, but I have Firefox and Chrome. I think I’ve been using Firefox for that, but I’ll double check.

  3. it is the forum for samarnons like me from calbayog and other parts of samar you could join it if you want

  4. Have you ever been to the skyscrapercity samar thread 7 page if you have any information you could share it with us forumers

  5. My mom owns a shop in the market and that place is gonna be the location of a new road to the new public market

    1. So maybe the road will run from the mall to the market, they won’t be that far apart. What is that skyscrapercity samar thread 7 page? Sounds interesting.

    1. I can tell you that the people that live in that area have been told that the mall is coming and it is going to be right there. Our house lady is one of them that is displaced.
      I’ve also been told that it was suppose to be downtown at the old market site, but they had problems resolving issues.

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