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6 thoughts on “Thursday – 28 Apr 2011

  1. Hi john. That new power station is being built near your home in Carayman Barangay. It is almost finished and should be up and running in the month. Information from my fiance uncle who works for the calbayog electric. Will also have back up generators for any scheduled downtime of main plant.

    1. Very good to know information. I was hoping, and was told, that the new station would mean less brownouts.

  2. John i am the one from Lynnwood wa.Not looking for anything
    particular just like reading about Calbayog and the Samar area.
    Like you i hope the bars stay out, nice quiet and friendly thing i was wondering about,i think you mentioned about a new power plant being built is that really going to happen? that is i think the worst problem for me is all the
    brown outs.Much worse than other places that i have lived at.

    1. Yeah…we don’t need all that going on around here, although the ladies are nice to look at, I’ll not be one of the ones going there.
      I’m told it is not a power plant, but just a new power station. I will have to talk with Samelco and see what they have to say about it. I will be paying my electric bill in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll try to remember to ask then.
      I think the phone system here is worse than the electric myself.

      1. I never have used the land line there,celephones have been fine with us,friends that have had them have nothing but trouble with them.We hope to get good internet service in
        tarangnan,we used smart dish in subic was ok but they get it threw ther tv cable they say much better,and cheaper.

        1. What I don’t like about the phone system is that you can only call on the network that you are on, unless you want to accrue long distance charges.

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