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6 thoughts on “Thursday – 16 Jun 2011

  1. one of the signature stores of gaisano is there department store and supermarket, and all gaisanos have KFC’s and Jollibee’s and including 5 other restaurants owned by jollibee, and Dunkin donuts, which is currently looking for their branch, right know they have a truck that goes around calbayog selling donuts

    1. Glad to know about the KFC. I’m still hoping for a Subway or Scholotzskys though, a western style sandwich shop.
      I don’t eat donuts much. They are not really worth the calories as far as I’m concerned. I know a lot of people disagree with that and that’s okay with me.
      I’ve been here a little over a year and I’ve had 1 donut. They taste good but they are just little fat pills.

  2. John i was wondering if you could write alittle about Palawan. Places to stay when there. easiest travel route from manila or calbayog? Just any info you would find relevant to a person who would be looking for nice accomadations and nice and safe clean place. I heard in the past there was some problems there. Is that true?. Can you find out? salamat in advance. Any goodies you want me to get for you from here when i come this time?

    1. I’ll check into Palawan today.
      As for goodies I’ve got one sensible choice and 2 weird ones. I’d like the corn nuts, whatever flavor but Ranch best.
      I’d also like a couple of seasonings: lemon pepper and seasoned salt. McCormick brand if they have it…if not…whatever. Large size.
      When are you coming back anyway?

    1. That’s fine. I just want people that will play all year. It’s not hard to do and takes up very little time, but I understand, not a problem.

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