April 19, 2024

2 thoughts on “The Philippines’ Resorts World Manila

  1. Nice review UJ, and pretty accurate. You are right the Pasay area of Metro Manila is really trying hard to draw visitors. In the same general area is Mall of Asia a couple of theme parks etc.

    There are also two other brand new casinos. Solaire and City of Dreams. Like resort world they also have a nice selection of restaurants and retail stores.

    The one draw back of Result world is ease of access. It is close to the airport so has all that traffic, plus ongoing infrastructure project so at times traffic is a pain.

    I prefer City of Dreams myself. It is in the new reclaimed area, the roads are wider and traffic a bit less traumatic. Plus very close to S&R warehouse store and Mall of Asia so if we have a peso or two left over from shopping we drop in for a bite and a bet :).

    1. It is a nice review. I wish I was the one that wrote it. It was written for me by a professional. I’ve never been to any of those places, but maybe on my next trip or 2 to Manila. I just don’t go there very much though.

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