May 23, 2024

6 thoughts on “Calbayog-Tacloban V.V.

  1. The name of the restaurant in Catbalogan is “Flaming Hat” and they have some great chicken burritos and the wife loves their Bulalo Soup. But they were closed for remodeling and having no other knowledge of restaurants in the area, it was over to Jollibee’s. I think john had the pancake sandwich, not sure. And as far as helping you drink beer, you must need help because whenever I come over your refrigerator is still full!

    1. Yes that was it, the pancake sandwich. It was okay and I wouldn’t mind getting it again. I would at least like to try that Flaming Hat. Although I’m a very picky eater, I’m willing to bet they have something there I’d like. As for the beer, well since Lita has been helping me drink it, she now buys 2 cases at a time and I never know when someone will be by for a visit, so I try to keep a few cold and ready. If I get my way, by the time my birthday comes around in January, we’ll have 2 refrigerators and the smaller one, the one we have now, will be in here in the computer room and I will have a case of beer in there cold at all times, plus at least 1 more case waiting to go in. I’ll also have some water and Mt. Dew in there and probably some juice and tea (sometimes). The Beverage Fridge.

  2. how often do you get back to texas?
    when we get everything in line for our move my wife will have her dual citizan and I will be on a 13a visa. onc’e we move we might try to get back to washington to visit her sister after a few years.

    1. Right now we get back every other year. This is not the year we would be going. My parents are getting so old though, so I’ve been thinking of spending more time there. I can’t talk my wife into becoming a dual citizen, it would be easier for us, but she has this complex against it.

  3. glad you got out to tacloban for a day. Hope your getting a lot of use out of the new blender.
    always nice to read articles on expats experiances and adventures.

    1. It’s always nice to get out, once in a while, but I kind of miss driving the back roads of Texas. I think my next trip there I’ll make a point of ‘getting lost’ for awhile.

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