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2 thoughts on “Sunday – 24 Apr 2011

  1. Hey UJ, My wife and I will be moving to Dinalupihan, Bataan from Cibolo, TX sometime next year. We purchased a nice house there in Pita Barangay. I already met another “kano”, Paul Thompson, who writes for “LiP”.

    I retired from the U.S. Army in 2000 and have been working as a Computer/Network Security Consultant ever since. A big Hell yeh on Bocepheus, “The Boys” & The “Duke” as well!

    I plan on building a “Texas Cantina” in my backyard, my rendition of a “Man-cave”.

    Never heard of Empire Builder, but I got hooked on “World of Warcraft” while in Kuwait.

    Hope to run into ya someday!

    1. Well I’ve been through that area, but never stopped. I’m assuming that your wife is a Filipina and she is from Bataan? It’s nice to have a house all ready to go when you get here, I waited until I got here, and wished I would have done the house first, but I was kind of forced to show up a year earlier than I wanted to. Oh well, I’m doing pretty well now and it gets better as you go along. I hope to visit your Texas Cantina someday. I guess from your e-mail that you read my bio. Yeah it’s pretty cool here once you get use to not having the USDA steaks, decent burgers or decent hot dogs. I’m not to that point yet. It’s sad, but I miss Ballpark franks. Hope you have a smooth transaction coming over. If you wife is Filipina and now an American citizen, be sure to as for a Balikbayan visa when you get to the airport in Manila otherwise they may not give you one. They say to be sure to ask for it to be sure.

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