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4 thoughts on “Friday – 22 Apr 2011

  1. I used to think the same thing that it was not to safe down there,but after reading different sites there are quite a few westerners living there and they say it is very safe,if you stay out of the very southern part.It looks like very nice place to visit and has some really nice beachs,will be one of the places we want to see in the future.

    1. You know Wayne I have read and heard about people down there that tell me the same thing. They say that the only real problem is the extreme southern portion of Mindanao, but it still makes me nervous. As I stated though, I hope that someday I will feel safe enough to take a trip down there to see some of the beautiful places and things they have to offer.

  2. I agree with you totally about tripping down to mindanao. I would never go there no matter what people say about it being safe. I have read and heard from too many people how dangerous it is for foreigners there. All we are to them is victims of kidnappings so that it may further there cause for an independant state. We get kidnapped. they place a ransom. if not paid….off with the head. done. The value of life to those people is nill. Think i will stick to samar. I can deal with anything bad that can happen there. Happy easter John and Lita and family !!!

    1. I know America has a policy of never dealing with terrorists and I think that is good. Of course if I ever get kidnapped, I will be thinking it’s the end though. No negotiations, especially for a nobody like me. I like the policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Seems like they would stop kidnapping Americans after awhile because they know they will not get a ransom for us and it’s just wasting their time.
      I hope I do get to visit there someday though, and feel at least as safe as I feel here in Samar.

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