July 19, 2024

2 thoughts on “Saturday – 9 Oct 2010

  1. I am sitting here reading your blog and learning about your life in the Philippines. All the while I am cooking pinto beans and cornbread; sipping freshly made ice tea with no sugar! I do believe we are from the same DNA chain! I have 7 -2 week old kittens that I could send to help with the rat problem! People always want to know why I have cats. I do not like rodents sneaking around my house! Some things are the same the world over making for a very small world indeed!

    1. Pinto beans, cornbread and iced tea (no sugar). Now I know what I’m having for supper tonight. Oh wait, cornbread’s going to be hard to get. No mix. Brought the pinto beans from Texas and ice tea I can get. Those kittens are a little young for catching mice yet. I still have hopes for the 2 we are fattening up here. Those pesky rats, don’t sneak very much. I’ve seen them running across the patio when people are on it. If I had a pellet gun, they wouldn’t run much longer. Yes the world is a small place, and it gets smaller with new technology everyday. Oh, and lucky you, being from the same DNA chain as me. That’s what makes you such a wonderful person.

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