May 23, 2024

4 thoughts on “Friday – 8 Oct 2010

  1. LOL @ Keith.
    Dang UJ you should have kicked the door down for your readers….lol You could have posted picks of the broken door and it would have been cooler than being rescued by Ramil. But it does make Ramil look like a hero to brave saving you from the CR not knowing how bad the smell would be….lol.
    That does lead to a semi good question though… The CR is outside correct? And where is the shower? I don’t think I’m gonna make it if I have to bathe outside in a basin…lol

    1. Yeah, Keith is a comedian. Has been for many, many years. It’s cool though, he’s alright. Takes some getting use to, but don’t we all.
      I wanted to kick the door in, but it costs too much to replace the door vs the door knob.
      Jaclyn Nicole Mock, why in the world would you think the CR would be outside? You think we’re the Flintstones? No, the CR is inside, complete with shower. It doesn’t have a bathtub though. Just a normal regular CR like you have in the States. We only have 1 bath. A blue tiled floor. A fan that comes on every time you turn the light on and good water pressure. We even have a regular flush toilet, unlike a lot of people around here who have to have a bucket of water to put in there to flush. The flusher is a cheapo one, and we might replace it soon, but you can flush it, just like in Texas, basically.
      Oh, and the bathroom door is a little messed up right now too. That will be resolved long before you arrive. Does that put your mind at ease about that?

  2. Thats a brave sole , rescuing you from the CR. Probably could have gotten out of there faster if they didn’t have to put on the chem warefare gear first. LOL !

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