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  1. Shyness….I experience it all the time with 2 of my wife’s 3 younger sisters. The youngest is 11 and talks to me with not problems but the 14 and 15 year olds are still very shy around me even though I have known them for 4+ years now. I think it may never go away.

    Happy 17th Anna Pearl!!

    Hotel guards…yes, by all means give them discounts all of the time and free food some of the time. When we were living in an apartment here in Angeles, the complex did not have a guard but there was a guard at the Montessori school across the street. There were many times we would take them food and drinks in the hope that they would keep a watch on our complex too. I am not sure that it helped but I felt it could not hurt.

    When are you and the family heading for Cebu? I want to make that you are there when we head to Samar. I hope to spend some time in Samar so the dates may not be terribly important but the time I spend depends entirely upon whether the internet will allow me to work from there. Even if I get the higher speeds like you finally got, I still need it to be available to me when I need it.

    1. Not going to Cebu until December, probably. Going to Tambis on 30 Oct, but back on 2 Nov.
      When do you think you’ll be coming by and how much do I owe you for all the stuff you got for me.
      Watching Cowboy game on computer. Need to go. Talk with u later.

    2. Cowboys lost again. A lot of the talented teams seem to be losing this year. Cowboys, Packers, Saints, Chargers…what’s going on?

      1. I just saw the Cowboy’s score. I have been a Cowboys fan since the days of Staubach so I am usually pulling for them although this time I was pulling for the Titans. It was nice to see that Marc Mariani returned another KO for almost a TD. I have know Marc since he was knee-high to a grasshopper so that is why I was rooting for the Titans. He returned a kick off last week for a TD and almost one today. Not bad for a kid that was a walk on to the University of Montana.
        I am not sure when Jen and I are coming to Samar and I have to add up how much you owe me. I will let you know.

        1. Well he helped a lot of my fantasy teams, but I’d rather have those stupid Cowboys win, then win my fantasy leagues. Looks like I’ll have to settle for fantasy football wins this year, again. Well, when ever you come and we’re here is good. You aren’t bringing anything that is perishable, so it doesn’t matter.

  2. I hope you are keeping a running tally of how much you are spending on your store and how much you are making with same and the bikes you are lending out. Because I am sure the BIR is going to be knocking on your door on April 15 and asking for their cut. Foreigners are probable the first ones they check for income. All it takes is a pissed off neighbor or someone who’s profits you are cutting into for the goverment to be knocking on your door.

    1. Yes we are keeping tabs. We’re not getting rich though. Not really making that much money, but it’s okay. A little at a time is good enough for us. Just enough to by more ingredients for the next batch and to buy a little food for us.

  3. Happy 17th Birthday Anna Pearl…hello Joann welcome 2 the blog…dont 4get john about goin to the sports complex downtown on the

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