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3 thoughts on “Saturday – 18 Dec 2010

  1. John i have been taking allipurinal for four years with no more attacks,doc told me to take every as it take a while to bid up in your body and if you stop,taking for a few days wont do any good.if it happens again go get feldepine,father inlaw says it works for him.

  2. Hope you continue to get better, John. I had a
    kidney stone attack this past February, and
    our local hospital took me via pump boat to a
    hospital in Iloilo, a 15 minute pump boat ride
    away after the 15 minute ambulance ride to the
    dock. Thank God I didn’t have a heart attack
    because I would have been dead. The total
    travel time to the hospital in Iloilo
    from our home was over an hour.

    Had a cheaper hospital bill than you did since
    our daily cost for a room was P1,000. Had to
    share with a guy that just got stabbed in the
    gut. He survived. So did I.

    1. I’m better, but my foot is still very swollen. I’m out of anti-biotic now so I’m hoping the Allopurinol will get me going again. If not, then I’ll spring for the medication.
      I could have gotten a cheaper room, semi-private, 4 beds in the room, and it was only P500 per night. Turns out that that would have been okay because only 1 other person was on my side of the 3rd floor. Actually it was Robbie’s Dad. He had a mild stroke, but he’s okay. He left the hospital before I did.
      Glad you survived. I’m glad we all did.

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