July 19, 2024

2 thoughts on “Friday – 17 Dec 2010

  1. How is the new hotel doing,have you heard any reports form hotels guests.What happened with tires on car did swapping
    tires work? my father inlaw gets gout real bad he take felldine and says that helps the most.to muchbeer and shrimp makes his flar up.i also have gout and
    one thing i had to give was all pop (soda) what make yours flare up.as i am writting i am in the hospital recovering
    from stomach surgery for Crohns.

    1. Haven’t heard much from the hotel yet. I did talk to one American there and he said it’s okay, but not worth the money yet. They are not finished with the resort part of it yet, only the hotel. They are only charging P2300 per night instead of the P4000, until the resort part is finished.
      Heard the food is not that great, that’s why the guy I talked to was here. Well that and because Anna Pearl was outside in her shorts and asked him to come over.
      He was thinking like me in the fact that the food at the restaurant is not up to par with other hotels that are that pricey.

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