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2 thoughts on “Monday – 20 Dec 2010

  1. John, don’t you miss buying the pill by the
    bottle and not by the pill? I do, but it can
    be handy if you are buying expensive meds.

    You mentioned the quality of meat. We used to
    buy meat at our local wet market, but it was
    terrible. We take a pump boat now to Iloilo
    and shop at SM Supermarkets. The quality of
    the meat is really good, and I haven’t been
    able to taste any difference in the ground
    beef we get at SM versus the States.

    I have Smart Bro for my internet with a 50 ft
    tower in the front yard to get a signal. We
    paid our family here a few years ago to get
    a landline phone, but had them yank it out
    since it didn’t work half the time. We use our
    cell phones from America that we got “unlocked”
    and use a Smart Buddy sim and loads to send
    texts and make calls. No monthly contract, and
    I like that. Costs P1000 a month (about $22)
    for the broadban service with unlimited usage.
    I’m on the computer all the time. Just ask my

    1. That’s how I feel about the pills, it can be good when having to buy expensive meds.
      We are not within pump boat distance of a supermarket like that. In fact we haven’t been to a supermarket like that since we’ve been here. Our best one has been the market in Tacloban at Robinson Mall.
      I pay the same for my internet here, so I guess that is something going for me.
      My wife tells everyone that I am on the computer 24 hours a day.

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