July 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Saturday – 12 Feb 2011

  1. Oh i forgot to mention, anyone interested in stopping by John and Lita’s BBQ. The food is very tasty but you must try Lita “secret” bbq sauce. Very good stuff !!!

    1. Well I can vouch for the sauce, it’s great, but I don’t eat any of the BBQ. Sure are a lot of people that aren’t picky like me. That stuff all sells pretty good…even the pig intestines, which I really don’t understand, but whatever, they like it.

  2. hey John. When you go to the ceriaco for valentines day dinner I recommend the fish on the menu but ask the waitress to get the chef to make it with the mango sauce. We had it once and everytime we went for dinner we had to have it again and again. So delicious. Im sure you will agree. Also I do think that break in the window is just the reflection from the upper eave. Or atleast after examining your photos that is what i think. Hope your doing well there and am looking forward to seeing you and lita again in march or sooner. Have lita put the water on for that EXTRA large coffee cup. She sure makes good coffee as the security guards at ceriaco can vouch for. See ya soon bud.

    1. I told Lita about the fish and she seems interested, but I don’t eat fish, so I won’t be trying it. My only fish comes in capsule for around here. Now in Texas I was known to have some fried “fresh water” catfish, as long as it was filleted already.
      Next time I notice it, I’m going to cross the street and look up to see if maybe it is the reflection of something. That break looking pattern seems like too much of a coincidence.
      Just as soon as we find out exactly when you’ll be here, we’ll stock up on the coffee (3 in 1) and be ready for you.

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