May 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Monday – 14 Feb 2011

  1. hey john. The idea to take a video in and around calbayog is a fantastic idea. If you are posting to youtube can you give us the link to it or atleast the Name of those vids so to make it easier to find in Youtube. Also if your fan on your laptop or pc is giving up on you I am bringing some fans with me in march to fix charise laoptop and i can fix yours also. No charge. Take care bud. see ya soon.

    1. I’ll work on the video and we’ll see how things go. I’ve never tried to do a video that big before and I’ve never put one on Youtube before either.
      The fan I’m talking about is an electric fan to cool me, not the one on the computer. As far as I know, that one is fine, but you just never know.
      I guess I’ve have to put them on Youtube first, because the blog can’t handle anything larger than 64mg, if you put it directly to it.

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