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5 thoughts on “Friday – 11 Feb 2011

  1. Hi John, just read your blog for the first time after seeing your guest post on Dave Dewall’s site. I’ll bookmark it and come back often. Glad to hear you’ve lost weight since living in the Phils. I hope to do the same! Not able to find good beef over there? Hmmm….that does sound like a problem! Good luck with the business. I, too, am setting up a small business in Nueva Ecija. It’s due to open next month when I get back there. Later!

    1. Alright…the guest blog thing is working already. I’m always excited to get a new reader/commenter, it makes my day.
      65 pounds and counting. I’m not sure how this coming week is going to be though. I always think I can’t lose anymore weight without exercising, but we’ll see.
      The beef here is like scotch. It’s an acquired taste. I’m a very picky eater so please don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.
      I think that Nueva Ecija is on Luzon, so you may be closer to better beef and other things than I am on Samar.
      Okay…later. Please be sure to comment on things that you think should be addressed. Don’t be shy.
      If you’re ever in the area, stop by and I’ll buy you a coffee, soda, beer or something else refreshing to drink. Maybe some lemonade or iced tea (which I was suppose to make today, and didn’t).

  2. John I think your price for the Nissan is
    pretty good,a car pickup from Manila to
    Angeles is 2500 to 2700 and a van is
    3000 to 3200.My wife and I had purchased
    our tickets to arrive in calbyog Jan 2nd
    to end feb,but mid dec had emergency surgery
    and we had to cancel.So looks like we will
    be heading that way sept or oct.I cant wait
    to get down there it sure sounds like things
    have changed alot since our last trip.

    1. Well Wayne you just let me know, and if have that SUV rented, we could even pick you up in Manila or Tacloban or here in Calbayog, where ever you have those airline tickets stopping at in the PI.
      Well I don’t know when the last time you was here is, but things have been changing since last May. Looks like a few more things will change too. That new market MIGHT be ready by the time you get here, but it looks like January or February next year before it is completed.
      By the time you get here, I’ll be 1/3 the person I use to be, literally. I figure to be down to around 220 about that time frame. I started out at 330, so a minus 110 makes 1/3. I’ll be so happy if that actually happens.

    2. Oh and as for the price on the Nissan, I’m happy with the P3300 now. Since with it, you can have it all day w/driver and he will take you wherever you want to go, wait on you and even help with the packages. Thanks for the price info, it does make me feel better now that I know that.

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